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Contact Bette Carroll at windkiss2@aol.com. We can invoice you for the latest copy or a subscription. We accept PayPal or check. $55 for a year's subscription (4 issues) and $15 for a single recent copy. International pricing and back issues upon request .

Enjoy our beautiful new 8 x 11 color format filled with lots of information and articles about Westies!!

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* one must be In each Issue Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Imprint Volunteers

  • Text, Articles & Features Coordinator: Jill Partain at jill@pliadesigns.com
  • Advertising Coordinator: Deb Borgo MO, debcborgo@aol.com
  • Marketing Manager: Linda Servin MA, lindajservin@comcast.net
  • National, Roving and Regional Results: Fred Askin MD, faskin@jhmi.edu
  • Regional Club Coordinator: Joan Giancola, jgcolonial@outlook.com
  • Circulation Manager: Bette Carroll, NJ, windkiss2@aol.com


Articles should be sent as plain text document or MS Word document. All text sent via Email to: Jill Partain at jill@pliadesigns.com. Any figures and photos will need to be submitted as separate hi-resolution files, and not within the document.

The quarterly deadlines for submission of text for the publication are as follows:
  -   Spring February 15
  -   Summer May 15
  -   Fall August 15
  -   Winter November 15

Did you promise to send in an article for the Imprint? Do you have the urge to write about a topic that would be of interest to fellow Westie owners? Do you have hidden writing talents that you would like to share? There are so many areas of interest that we would love to read about….so please consider writing an article for the Imprint. Please send text submissions to Jill Partain and all advertising to Deb Borgo. Their contact information can be found above under Imprint Team.

Advertising Information & Specifications

Advertising Rates

Front Cover Color - $400
Back Cover Color - $375
Inside Front or Back Cover - $350
Full Color - $250
Half Page Color - $155
Full Page Black & White - $95
Half Page Black & White - $55
Business Card 4/Issues - $100

25% savings
Pre-order your ads for the whole year and pay by Feb 28th to save!
Buy 3 color pages, get 1 free* (save $250)
Buy 3 B&W pages, get 1 free* (save $95)
* one must be in each Issue: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Commercial Ads

Color - 1/lssue $ 500; 4/lssues $1600
Black & White - 1/issue $ 200; 4/issues $ 600
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Ad page placements other than covers can be requested but not guaranteed.

Imprint Preferred Positions Lottery

For issues in which the positions are not allocated to specific winners, preferred positions in the Westie Imprint are decided by an annual lottery conducted in the course of the Club's Annual dinner Meeting.

The drawing will be held in October for the available issues the following year.

Note: Preferred positions for issues not subject to the lottery will be available to winners of the Club's National and Roving Specialty Shows as follows:
  - Front Cover & pages 2-3: Best of Breed Winner
  - Back Cover: Best of Opposite Sex Winner
  - Inside Front Cover (with option to take facing page): Best of Winners
  - Inside Back Cover (with option to take facing page): Best in Puppy Sweepstakes

File Formatting

All ads must be submitted as a press ready .tiff preferred or .jpg file that is at least 300 dpi and of corresponding dimensions


• Ad trim size ls 8.5" X 11"
• Please add 1/8" to the trim size on all sides for full bleed. Full bleed files size is 8.75" X 11.25"
• Keep all type and images at least 1/2" away from all sides.


• Cover pages are always full color and full bleeds

ad size

Submitting Ads

All camera ready ads are to be submitted via Emall as an attachment by the published deadline. No exceptions. Payment must be received within 10 days of ad submittal.

All payments "WHWTCA" are to be submitted to:
Deb Borgo, Advertising Coordinator
1952 NW County Rd. 6002, Butler, MO 64730
All ads are to be sent via Email to: debcborgo@aol.com

The quarterly deadlines for submission of ads for the publication are as follows:
  Spring Issue - February 28
  Summer Issue - May 31
  Fall Issue - August 31
  Winter Issue - November 30

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