WHWTCA Verbal History Project

The West Highland White Terrier Club of America Verbal History Project represents an excellent opportunity to learn about the past 50 year history of the national club through the words of the 25 Year Members. Approximately 60 members of this elite group have shared their experiences in how they started with our beloved breed, who their mentors were, their most memorable moments in Westies, their favorite Westies, the best Westie authors and artists in their opinions, their views on the future of the breed and the advice they would impart to current and future Westie enthusiasts.

This group represents over 2,000 combined years of Westie devotion and experience, and their biographies represent an enormous wealth of knowledge and advice about the breed. The 25 Year Members are both show and performance enthusiasts and pet people, but they all share one common characteristic - a deep and lasting love for West Highland White Terriers.

This Verbal History Project represents only a beginning, not an end. Each year brings more members into the 25 Year club, and they, as along with all current 25 Year Members who have yet to submit a biography, are invited – no, urged to share their experiences and thoughts on this site.

25 Year Members

Read what our 25-Year members have submitted and enjoy their experiences in the Wonderful World of Westies! All members with biographies have their names highlighted on the list. Just click on the highlighted names to view their biographies.

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A new feature article for The Imprint Magazine will spotlight a biography of one or two of our past or present 25-year members. Yours could be one!

If you are a previous or present 25-Year member and have not submitted a biography, you still can participate. All 25 Year Members can submit their 1 to 3 page biographies, preferably in electronic format, to Gloria Pasquini at bonniebay@roadrunner.com or mail it to her at 30 Bonnie Bay Way, Alfred, ME 04002. Biographies will be edited and sent back to the authors for their final approval before being added to the master on-line file. If you have any questions or need help in writing your biography, please contact Gloria at the e-mail address above.


Thanks to all of the 25 Year Members who submitted their biographies, and thanks to all of the regional coordinators who played such a huge role in making this Project a success - Mary Bradley, Wendell Marumoto, Sue Napady, Marty Replogle, Anne Sanders, Linda Servin, Seymour Weiss and Betty Williams. Special thanks go to Seymour Weiss, who did a superb job editing all the biographies.

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If you have additional questions, please contact us at info@westieclubamerica.com