Regional Westie Specialty Shows

At least 16 regional West Highland White Terrier clubs hold a regional specialty show, usually in conjunction with an all-breed club dog show. These are held around the country from January until November each year.

All show-giving regional clubs are asked to furnish the dates of their specialties show(s) and the name(s) of their judges.

You may wish to check the individual clubs' website or superintendent's sites periodically for updates as some clubs are offering multiple days of supported entries. Included are the specialty shows that are offering regular and sweepstakes classes.

All judges are pending AKC/CKC approval. Many of the regional specialties offer obedience, rally, agility, and/or earthdog events. Information is subject to change and you should check the individual club's website periodically for updates to the list.

For more information, contact: Joan Giancola, Regional Club Coordinator,

2024 Upcoming Regional Specialties

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WHWTC of Indiana

March 15

Sweepstakes = Christina Schriber
Reg. class = Marjorie J. Underwood


March 16

Sweepstakes = Joan Giancola
Reg. class = Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine

San Francisco Bay WHWTC

April 12

Sweepstakes = Mrs. Ann Dum
Reg. class = Kathleen Ferris

WHWTC of Greater Atlanta

April 14

Sweepstakes = James McGarr
Reg. class = Elizabeth Muthard

William Penn WHWTC

May 4

Sweepstakes = Meade Carlson
Reg. class = Christine Erickson

WHWTC of No New Jersey

May 5

Sweeps = Katherine Wright
Reg. class = Lydia Hutchinson

Canadian WHWTC National Specialty

May 23

Sweeps = Beth Chopey
Reg. class = Louise Leone

WHWTC of No Illinois

June 15

Sweepstakes = Sandy Bingham Porter
Reg. class = Roz Kramer

Trinity Valley WHWTC

July 4

Sweepstakes = Kelsey Jessup
Reg. Class = Kerry Lee (Australia)


July 5

Sweepstakes = Pat Mullin
Reg. class = Candy Way

WHWTC of Southeast Texas

July 18

Sweepstakes = Lew Olson, PhD
Reg. class = Jon Cole

WHWTC of Southeast Texas

July 19

Sweepstakes = Lucy Heyman
Reg. class = Ann Yuhasz

WHWTC of No Ohio

August 4

Sweepstakes = Robert Damron
Reg. class = Elizabeth Muthard

WHWTC of Greater Denver

Sept 6

Sweeps = Charlene Gann
Reg. class = Patricia Anne Keenan

WHWTC of Greater New York

Sept 8

Sweeps = Roslyn Mintz-Fosco
Reg. class = Elizabeth Muthard

WHWTC of Greater Atlanta

Nov 30

Sweepstakes = TBD
Reg. class = TBD


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