Westie Rescue Coordinators

Looking for a Rescue Coordinator in your area?

 Most of the Regional West Highland White Terrier Clubs have their own rescue program staffed by volunteer club members. Check our list of local clubs, National Club Member-Led Independent groups and Westie friends that are helping in the rescue effort! 

DOWNLOAD List of Coordinators by State (pdf)

PLEASE NOTE: Each Westie rescue organization is separate and has its own policies, rules and procedures. Please review these with the Rescue Coordinator(s) in your area.

Please do NOT use these contacts if you are looking to purchase a puppy. For breeder resources, visit the WHWTCA Breeder Resource page. 

Westie Rescue

Guidelines for Listing on the WHWTCA Rescue Website

A Rescue Coordinator must read, sign, and agree to adhere to the Westie Rescue Code of Conduct (WRCOC) set forth by the West Highland White Terrier Club of America (WHWTCA) National Rescue Committee (NRC). 

A Rescue Coordinator must be one of the following: 

  • (Regional Club) A member of a Regional Westie Club doing rescue in cooperation with that Club 
  • (Member-Led Independent) A member or Group led by a member of the WHWTCA 
  • (Independent Group) an independent group or individual involved in Westie Rescue if that person has:
    • applied for that privilege;
    • been referred by two Rescue Coordinators (one of which must be a WHWTCA or Regional Westie Club member)
    • has read, signed, and agreed to the WHWTCA WRCOC

Independent Rescue Coordinators will be encouraged to join the WHWTCA or their local Regional Club, if applicable. 

Please complete a copy of the Application and mail it to:

Karen Spalding
12 Seminary Avenue
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Email: karensbeau@aol.com

Objections to listings of any group on the National Club Website must follow the Procedures available to all listed groups.

DOWNLOAD Rescue Coordinator Application (pdf)

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