National Westie Rescue Mission Statement

To support and guide those West Highland White Terrier Club of America (WHWTCA) affiliated individuals and groups who rescue, foster, rehabilitate, and find new and permanent homes for unwanted West Highland White Terriers (Westies).

Rescue Committee Statement of Purpose

The purposes of the National Rescue Committee (NRC) of the WHWTCA are:

  • to provide for the rescue of Westies in areas of the country where there is no Regional club rescue program
  • to assist Regional clubs in their rescue efforts
  • to provide rescue liaison with Regional clubs and the WHWTCA
  • to publish articles and information on rescue
  • to exchange information with Westie Rescue Coordinators
  • to promote the recruitment of rescue volunteers
  • to help promote responsibility for the pet population by breeders who are WHWTCA members
  • to assist the WHWTCA in its goals and objectives toward public relations

WHWTCA National Rescue Committee

Rescue Committee  Policy, Guidelines, and Definitions

National Rescue Committee - The National Rescue Committee will consist of a Chairperson and up to 5 additional committee members, all of whom shall be WHWTCA members in good standing, and one of which shall be a current WHWTCA Board Member. Responsibilities of the committee will include, but are not limited to:

  • developing and implementing a Westie Rescue Code of Conduct
  • developing and implementing the Guidelines for Rescue Coordinators
  • developing and implementing the Application for Rescue Coordinators
  • furnishing a rescue report to the WHWTCA Board for each board meeting
  • submitting rescue articles/stories for inclusion in the Westie Imprint
  • responding to email inquiries regarding Westie rescue
  • maintaining a Rescue Directory - containing a listing of rescue volunteers
  • maintaining and reporting national rescue statistics
  • handling the online "Westie Needing Assistance" inquiries
  • developing and maintaining a rescue kit consisting of guidelines, application forms, evaluation sheets, contracts, surrender forms, and suggested policies and procedures that can be made available to any member of the WHWTCA or any Rescue Coordinator
  • management and allocation of rescue funds under the direction of the WHWTCA Board and these guidelines
  • coordinating the annual Parade of Rescues at the WHWTCA Sweepstakes in conjunction with Montgomery County weekend
  • coordinating and manning a public relations/sales table during Montgomery County weekend and/or the annual Roving Specialty

The National Rescue Committee is not a placement service; however, when possible it will assist finding a rescue Westie a new home

  • A rescue Westie is any West Highland White Terrier who is without an owner or home for any reason and who is surrendered to Rescue.
  • A Westie who faces destruction by its current owner may come into rescue. However, a Westie in need of a new home, who is owned by, bred by or sired by a dog owned by a member of the WHWTCA or one of the Regional Westie Clubs is the responsibility of the owner, breeder or owner of the sire. Any such member will be contacted, if possible, and asked to accept that responsibility. If such request is denied, the Westie will be rescued and the club member denying responsibility shall be reported to the Board of the WHWTCA and/or Regional Club for appropriate action. If necessary, WHWTCA rescue funds can be used to facilitate the rescue of this dog.

Regional Clubs - All Regional Westie Clubs are encouraged to have their own rescue service, and in this case, should choose their own Rescue Coordinator to work with the Rescue Committee and must immediately notify the Rescue Committee if there is a change in Rescue Coordinator. The Regional Club should establish policies and procedures, and provide a copy of same to the National Rescue Committee.

Regional Clubs will be responsible for funding their own rescue program. The Rescue Committee may recommend financial assistance from the WHWTCA to the Clubs in unusual circumstances i.e. a large number of dogs, dogs that are in an emergency situation, or dog's that need extensive care.

Member-Led Independent -- Independent Rescue Groups led by National Club Members are encouraged to form in areas not currently covered by groups listed on the Club Website. When formed in areas currently covered by Regional Clubs, the National Groups are encouraged to work cooperatively with the existing group. National Groups shall follow the same guidelines as the Regional Club Groups.

Independent Rescue Groups -- Independent Rescue Groups or individuals are encouraged, particularly in areas not currently covered by groups listed on the Club Website. Independent Groups shall follow the same guidelines as the Regional Clubs and National Groups.

Rescue Contacts -- The Rescue Committee will compile and maintain a list of Rescue Coordinators in the USA. This list will be posted on the WHWTCA Rescue Web Page. These contacts will be both from the Regional Clubs and from Independent rescuers. Inquiries regarding adoption or rescue of a Westie will be referred to the Rescue Coordinator for that area. If the Westie is located in an area not covered by a Rescue Coordinator, every effort will be made to contact WHWTCA members or other rescue groups/individuals in that particular area.

Any Coordinator listed on the WHWTCA website must sign and agree to abide by the NRC's Westie Rescue Code of Conduct and the Guidelines for Rescue Coordinators.

Rescue Funds - From time to time, the NRC may raise or receive funds to be allocated for rescue support. The Treasurer of the WHWTCA shall be responsible for the rescue funds. The rescue funds are available for the development and ongoing support of the NRC, as well as for grants to help recognized Rescue Coordinators in specific situations. Development in this context includes, but is not limited to, funding the printing of education material. Ongoing support in this context includes, but is not limited to, operating expenses such as telephone expenses and postage.

Rescue Grants -- Rescue Coordinators may apply to the WHWTCA for financial assistance for any purebred Westie which requires medical treatment and is in a rescue situation.

  • Rescue grants not to exceed $500 per occurrence are available from the NRC.
  • A request for rescue funds must be made in writing to the Rescue Chairperson in a WHWTCA-approved application format which will include case history, budget/expense information, and any other information deemed necessary.
  • The application must receive approval by the majority of the full NRC before funds are distributed.
  • Grants in excess of $500 must be authorized by the WHWTCA Board of Directors (BOD) as requested through the NRC Chairperson. The BOD recognizes the time-sensitive nature of rescue matters and will respond to the NRC's request to exceed this limit in an expeditious time frame.
  • No organization, which compensates any member for anything other than out-of-pocket expenses, shall be eligible for assistance under this program.
  • Funding will not be approved for established personal pets.
  • The applicant (individual or group) must be have legal possession of the Westie for which the funds are being requested.
  • The Westie is not imminently terminally ill although testing required to determine possible terminal illness will be considered.
  • The Westie will be spayed/neutered before adoption.
  • A photo of this Westie must accompany the application either in print or digital format prior to the release of the funds.
  • Verification of the medical condition, treatment, and all veterinary and boarding (or an estimate of these) charges will be confirmed prior to the release of these funds.
  • Receipts are required for reimbursement.
  • Applicants who are approved or rejected will be so notified via letter or electronic mail.
  • Westies who have shown hostility will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Westies who have been denied rescue will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Funds shall also be available for rescue assistance in Natural Disaster situations.

Amendments -- Amendments made to the WHWTCA NRC documents and/or information posted on the web site, which would pertain to or affect the Rescue Coordinators listed, will be made available to those listed before said amendments are posted to the web site.

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