Finding Lost Westies

Contributed By: Sandra J. Crawford
W.H.W.T.C.A. Health Committee

  1. Organize family and friends quickly to aid in the search. Time is of the essence. Assign tasks using each volunteer's best skills.
  2. Call the animal shelter and report your Westie missing. Visit the shelter daily and look yourself.
  3. Call your neighbors, area veterinarians, groomers and dog clubs.
  4. Make eye-catching, colored flyers displaying a large picture of your lost Westie. Include several phone numbers and distribute EVERYWHERE.
  5. Concentrate flyers in your area.
  6. Talk to newspaper and mail carriers, meter readers and yard workers.
  7. Run ads in local papers and circulars. Be very specific with a description of your Westie, including when and where it was last seen.
  8. Notify the local Westie rescue club.
  9. Call radio stations that offer lost pet notices as a public service.
  10. Don't give up!


Any information contained on this site relating to training and behavior of Westies is for informational purposes only. The WHWTCA recommends that Westies undergo obedience training. For assistance in locating an obedience training club in your area, please consult the American Kennel Club's website at

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