Breeding Your Westie

Acquiring a Westie

Contributed By: Sandra J. Crawford
W.H.W.T.C.A. Health Committee

  1. If you are thinking about acquiring a Westie, take time to research your options. Be sure a Westie matches your lifestyle. For more information, visit Acquiring a West Highland White Terrier in our Find a Westie section.
  2. Consider the resources needed to properly care for a Westie and plan accordingly.
  3. Never buy a Westie on impulse. The acquisition of a Westie is a serious commitment. Many Westies have a life span of 15 to 20 years.
  4. Base your decision on logical not just emotional factors. The acquisition of a Westie should be an educated and informed decision.
  5. Make a list of what you want and expect from a dog. Visit your local library for books and videos with information on dogs to find your possible match. Perhaps a Westie is not right for you.
  6. Consider your health, age, strength, fitness level, patience, personality and habits and those of other family members.
  7. Contact local dog clubs, regional West Highland White Terrier clubs or attend dog shows if you intend to buy a Westie. These organizations and events may provide assistance and information regarding Westies.
  8. Visit your local animal shelter. They occasionally have a Westie hoping for a second chance at life with responsible, loving individuals or families.
  9. Call Westie rescue organizations which also can be the source of a wonderful Westie.
  10. Remember that every Westie is an individual and unique life, deserving of proper care, affection and respect.


Any information contained on this site relating to training and behavior of Westies is for informational purposes only. The WHWTCA recommends that Westies undergo obedience training. For assistance in locating an obedience training club in your area, please consult the American Kennel Club's website at

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