Breeding Your Westie

Spaying and Neutering Westies

Contributed By: Sandra J. Crawford
W.H.W.T.C.A. Health Committee

  1. Spayed and neutered dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives.
  2. Spaying and neutering can eliminate or reduce a number of health problems that can be life-threatening and expensive to treat.
  3. Spaying female Westies lessens the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancers. It also greatly reduces the incidence of breast cancer, especially when your Westie is spayed before her first heat cycle. Neutering decreases the possibility of testicular cancer in male Westies.
  4. Spayed and neutered dogs are better, more affectionate companions.
  5. Neutered male Westies are less likely to mark territory.
  6. Spaying a Westie eliminates her heat cycle. Females in heat may show nervous or aggressive behavior and attract unwanted male visitors.
  7. Spayed and neutered dogs are less likely to bite.
  8. Neutered Westies are less likely to run away or be aggressive.
  9. Spay and neuter surgery is a routine procedure with a one-time cost that is small compared with the benefits.
  10. Being a responsible owner means making the decision to have your Westie spayed or neutered. This important choice for your Westie will be a part of the solution to end the tragedy of pet overpopulation.


Any information contained on this site relating to training and behavior of Westies is for informational purposes only. The WHWTCA recommends that Westies undergo obedience training. For assistance in locating an obedience training club in your area, please consult the American Kennel Club's website at

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