Versatile Westies

"Yes! Westies CAN do it all."

There are many activities in which Westies can and do participate. There is no reason for a Westie to retire and become a couch potato after only earning one or two titles. Best of all, these activities are a lot of fun and need not be competitive. Just you and your dog having a good time together, learning new things and meeting new people and their companions.

Artwork illustration designed by Ann Priddy

For the purposes of rewarding our Westies who are truly versatile, the club divides the sports into these basic categories:

  • Conformation: Futurity, Junior Handling, Conformation Assessment
  • Companionship: Obedience, Rally, Therapy, Canine Good Citizen
  • Scenting: Tracking and Nose Work
  • Agileness: Agility, Flyball, Coursing Ability, Fast CAT
  • Hunting: Earthdog and Barn Hunt
  • And More: Carting, Disc Dog, Dock Diving, Farm Dog, Parkour

Westies Activities

You are invited to take some time and check out the various activities on our web site and the other sites referenced in each section. As new events are added to the plethora of dog activities, you can be sure our Westies will join in the fun any time they can.

The Club offers awards and competition for members' dogs who succeed in Versatility. Other areas of our web site include the competition rules and lists of all the recipients of the Versatile Dog Awards (PDF), Performance Registry of Merit, and the winners of the Most Versatile Westie in Specialty.

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