Junior Handling

Junior Showmanship (dogs), also called Junior Handling, is a sport for young people (called "Juniors") in which they exhibit their dog handling skills in an event similar to a conformation dog show. Unlike a conformation show, it is the young handlers who are judged, not their dogs.
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Junior Showmanship Award is presented to the Junior Handler who achieves the most number of wins while handling a West Highland White Terrier during any given competition period. It is not necessary for either the Junior Handler or a member of his/her family to be a member of the Club.

Think of Junior Showmanship (also called "Junior Handling") as a training ground for a life-long journey in dog shows and sports. Children 9 to 18 years old learn basic handling abilities, and how to care for, and present, different breeds in a competition. While Juniors are judged by an official AKC Judge, it's the quality of their presentation that is judged, not the dog.

Participating in Junior Showmanship will teach your child many important life lessons — how to be a good sport, how to put one's mind to something and master it; and how training can lead to a very special bond with a dog. And who knows? Your kid just might love Junior Showmanship so much it might eventually lead to a possible career path!

For more information on the Junior Showmanship Award, visit the AKC website at https://www.akc.org/sports/conformation/junior-showmanship/

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