Coursing Ability Test

FAST CAT® – which stands for Coursing Ability Test – is a timed 100-yard dash where dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure. It's over before you know it — and it's nothing short of awe-inspiring to watch your dog run at top speed, ears back, eyes focused, legs strong.

And if your dog is really fast, you might earn bragging rights if his name makes onto the AKC list of Fast Cat Top 20 Fastest Dogs By Breeds.

Although it is a relatively new sport, its popularity has spread like wildfire. No wonder. According to one AKC official, "The FAST CAT® provides a terrific opportunity to introduce new participants to the world of AKC sports as one of the few events where all that is needed to compete is a dog's natural instincts."

Coursing Ability Test
Coursing Ability Test
Coursing Ability Test

To participate in FAST CAT®, your dog must be:

In addition:

  • Spayed and neutered dogs are eligible to compete in these events and are welcome.
  • Dogs with Limited or Conditional Registration are eligible to participate.
  • Females in season are not eligible to participate.

An inspection committee will also inspect each dog for lameness and fitness to compete.

Coursing Ability Test

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